2016 Demo

Our goal is to make awesome content for you. From start to finish, we dedicate our resources and talent to keeping your vision and marketing goals intact.
Cyantist Agency began with one simple goal: provide national brand level services for small to medium sized businesses. We have grown year to year and constantly motivate our team to take on out-of-the box projects to help grow their creativity year round .

Our secret? Provide exceptional, meticulously crafted products at honest rates. We know what it was like getting our startup off the ground and so we understand the limitations of growing businesses. We work within your budgets to help you grow.

We believe that as you grow, we will grow too and that is where beautiful relationships come from. We have an amazing team of creators, artists and forward thinkers. We want to hear from you and we want to work with you.

Our Core Values

It Starts With Trust

First we sit down and get to know you. It’s a courtship of sorts. But we’re not crazy. Except for osme of our ideas. Once we have a good sense of who you are, we know what your brand is. We take notes. Lots of notes. And make sure your vision stays in tact.

Our Experience Is Now your Experience

We take the years of education and experience we have collectively gathered and put it in your corner. We take our knowledge  of video codecs, PNG v. JPEG file formats, webpage analytics vs impressions, marketing strategy and apply it to your brand.

Long nights. Lots of Coffee.

Our espresso machine and keurig machine work overtime (don’t worry, we take care of our people and machines) to make awesome media for your brand. Then we kind of sit, super excited like a kid on their birthday, to show you what we’ve got.

Up, up, and away

Once we’re done presenting to you, and you’re happy, we start executing this amazing, awesome plan we’ve devised with you. Our goal is to take all of our past experience and develop a refined executable startegy around your brand using our creations.

Meet Your Team


Randall Howard

Marketing & Direction


Adam Hensgens

Project Manager


Rachel Whittle

Production Coordinator


Doug Domingue

Post Production Supervisor


Josef Hensgens



Kate Rogers



John Melancon



Get in Touch


Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday By Appointment

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